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Start your path to recovery at Turner Chiropractic Clinic in Chico, California. Our chiropractor, Dr. Richard C. Turner, has treated thousands of patients for conditions such as lower back and shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica and numbness and tingling in the hands or feet. His specialty is helping victims of whiplash injuries and auto accidents achieve complete comfort. He will give you a customized treatment plan to relieve your pain and accommodate your lifestyle. With over 40 years of experience, the professional team at Turner Chiropractic will give the best possible service for our patients.
Chiropractic — Patient and Chiropractor in Chico, CA
Call our chiropractic care center today for a consultation. We want to help you recover from your injury as soon as possible.
Back Pain — Man having Whiplash in Chico, CA
We can put together a pain management treatment program to alleviate the pain from whiplash or migraines.
We use a variety of chiropractic techniques to ensure you receive high-quality, comfortable care.
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